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rising of the land rising of the land

Rated 4 / 5 stars

very good

I really like the track, What did you use for the drums?

pitbulljones responds:

Cheers grimace, nice short review there. the drums are taken form my sample liabary, theres about 8 loops which ive chopped up and shaped to my own accord with a lot of beat matching going on, this was before i had fruityloops to constrcut my own from scratch, it's hard work i tell thee.

keep coming bk as im always gotsomething going on.

South Side VS West Side South Side VS West Side

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Its definately original. Sounds you used I thought were on the right track but maybe something with a deeper sound. Doesnt matter though, Some of my best stuff that people have liked were old tracks that I went back to years later and heard different things that I didnt hear the first time. All in all I like it because its original and its not the same boring beats that I hear everyday, Unfortunately in this day and age in the music industry its hard to stay original and make money. Keep on making music.

Symphony Of Violence Symphony Of Violence

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I like the first half before the break.

Very cool track. Its not that I didnt like the break I just thought it kinda took you too far away from the first half. Were those xzylaphones in there? Very original keep it up.

"In The Sky" "In The Sky"

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very smooth


I didnt know how to respond to the review you recently gave me and my friend dirty I figured this is one way. 1st, this track is cool I like the vocals, is that someone you know or is it sampled? I liked the beet too it reminded me of something but I cant place it. Overall I like. O.K. now the track done by me and dirty yes your absolutely right, the rap is horrible but were both into metal and Rock were not tryin to be hip hop. Its an old ass track I had and found again. We got drunk and dirty rapped over it and we laughed our asses off. Thanks for the review. I saw the title of the next track and I liked it so Im gonna listen, good luck with the music keep it up.

Quriky responds:

No sample my mate did it she good singer lol ahahah it was very funny Respect to dirty

Primero Primero

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Wow very different

I like this track better its more mysterious and ambient.

Unto the night Unto the night

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very Cool Beat

Hey got to say thanx for the review, I dig this track it has a good flow to it. Is that your voice or r those samples and did you play the Bass? Keep up the good shit man.

Erie Celebration Erie Celebration

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Hey you recently reviewed one of our songs (Thank you for the good review). I wanted to check out your stuff, very cool. Is that all keyboards or soft synths. Im gonna check out some more of your stuff, I like all kinds of music and I also record all types. Good luck and keep recoeding.

Rythim-Man responds:

Finale Allegro 2005 comes already installed with soft Synth, a type of VST or the sort that has sound fonts of instruments. It attempts to automaticly make the instruments realistic and reverb them to a nice caliber. You can download the demo but it won't let you save. However a smaller version "Finalenotepad" is free and is not too far different from it. It uses another version of softsynth than I.

You get a whole set of instruments and some drums (which are difficult to use without extensive practice).

This song uses piano, and a synthesizer, trumpet and or trombone (i forget), guitar, xylaphone (however you spell it), and drum set (which includes atleast half of the percussion available in the whole program). I think xylaphones are only on Allegro though.

The weird thing about this song is that it's erie, then happy, then weird...then happy....then ceepy. It's the type of Celebration you have when your not sure it's over yet. ....creepy =\

Something Raging Something Raging

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very cool man! I like it.

Hey I really like this track. The guitars are real beefy but sound a little muddy. Is that a drum program your using or is that a keyboard where each key is a different hit? The song kicks ass keep it up!

speedmetalmessiah responds:

Hey thanks man.I made the tone setting using my amp so it needs some tweaking for my computer.

The drums were a program called Drag and Drop Drummer that has some samples on a disc that I load up.Though most of the time I use Acoustica Beatcraft.

Thanks for the review.